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There are nobodies on every NFL roster—players who will fade from the league fast, and your memory even faster.Cheap Jerseys.But often the extra push toward the playoffs and beyond is powered by nobodies who turn into somebodies with meaningful roles. We don’t have to look far back for key examples. Both teams in Super Bowl LI received significant contributions from unexpected sources.For the Atlanta Falcons, it was wide receiver Taylor Gabriel. He caught six regular-season touchdown passes in 2016 after being released by the Cleveland Browns.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.And for the New England Patriots, the surprising star was wide receiver Chris Hogan, who recorded 332 receiving yards and two touchdowns in the playoffs. Prior to 2016, Hogan’s single-season high over an entire year was 450 yards.

The 2017 NFL preseason is on the verge of starting this week, although it will only be a small taste of pigskin.Authentic NFL Jerseys.The annual Hall of Fame Game will kick things off this Thursday when the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals meet in Canton, but then fans will have to wait six days for Week 1 of the preseason to begin and a full two weeks for the next nationally televised game.The league’s exhibition schedule still has plenty to be excited about.Wholesale Jerseys.While the games may not count for much, these contests represent the first chance to evaluate out how teams might fare this year, as well as catching rookies in action and watching thrilling positional battles unfold as players compete for a starting jobs and coveted spots on a 53-man roster.

Last week, we took an in-depth look at which NFL teams might be able to dethrone the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos for the best defense in football during the 2017 season.Cheap Jerseys From China.Seattle and Denver have been leading the way in point prevention, yardage suppression and defensive efficiency for years, and were at the top of the league last season as well. This week, we’re going to do the same exercise, but for the other side of the ball. The two best offenses in football in 2016 belonged to the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.China Jerseys.Atlanta finished the season as the eighth-highest scoring team in NFL history, led the league in total yards and finished first in Football Outsiders’ offensive DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average, a measure of efficiency that adjusts performance for down, distance and opponent).

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